One day a blow up at fanfiction made a making of a reading no more.

Oh no! say m0r1arty and made a making of account. We no let you write!! say fanfiction, you have two day to harvest first – HAHAHA.

m0r1arty danubed over to Google and made a searching of the internet. Oh no! scream all of fandom over the world who will make a typing of the stories? The moon and the sun making of a peace and god made agreed. We need a policing of the fanfiction boomed god and sent angel police who danubed through the windows a make a shooting of the servers.

Suddenly the stories make a real. The demons made a goings of this say Sherlock as he use riding crop on aliens. It not lupis say House as he step out of house so I am a biking with Wilson now bye bye. Rose made a chomping on Doctor hand Yum, yum I am a raptoring she say before Predator say hunting time for hunting and laser her with shoulder laser. The carebears kill predator with love rainbows from the bodies. John Lennon made of a crying and tears ressurected predator and Rose. Liverpol say the Beatles and Abba agree and hive five everybody. Suddenly the gravity danubed away and lifted the reality curtain. Oh no says Pip I am making of an observation sadly no more nature goggles. We all are imaginings yell Stephen Hawking which upset god. I should have been a goodly say devil as he vanish into nothing. MissingNo sighed as Sweden said goodly bye to the last bromine. A pirate makes a teardrop.

Suddenly all of fandom held their breath and made a not knowing of future…